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How much gas is left in your camping gas canister?

If you're a frequent camper or hiker, you're probably familiar with the frustration of running out of gas in the middle of preparing a delicious outdoor meal. Eric from Primus is here to help you to avoid that situation by showing you how to check how much gas is left in your canister.

Do you have an old canister from your last trip at home? Then you might be wondering how much gas is left in that container. The best way to find that out is to weigh your used canister on a scale and calculate precisely how much gas is left.

For example: If you have a canister with 100 g of gas, it weighs 200 g from start. So if you have a used canister at home that weighs 165 g, you have already used 35 g of gas and have 65 g left for your next trip. Another example: A 100-gram gas canister with a gross weight of 200 grams has 90 grams of gas left if it weighs 190 grams on a scale.

The following table should be a good support when doing this:

If you are already on the road and wondering how much gas you have left, it is a bit more difficult. The best way to find out the remaining amount of fuel without a scale is to shake the canister and hear how much liquid gas is inside it. However, that requires some experience since you need to get a feeling for the weight and the sound over time.

In the following video, Eric visualizes how both procedures work.


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February 07 2022

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