Therese Elgquist

My name is Thess and one of my favourite things is being away on an adventure - just around the corner or further afield - and getting to cook good plant-based food outdoors.

The crackle of an open fire, or the familiar sound of a gas stove being lit is like sweet music - and the start of something really good. Here I’ve collected some of my favourite recipes - from breakfast porridge to hearty dinners to sweet desserts - for the outdoor kitchen, and I hope you'll enjoy them too! I want to show you how outdoors food can be both simple and fun to whip up, that it can be incredibly varied and of course taste very, very good. Because a meal eaten outdoors tastes like nothing else. Bon appetit! I am a food creator, photographer, cookbook author, entrepreneur and TV chef with a focus on plant-based food; delicious and exciting food filled with flavours, textures and colours. Through books, TV shows and social media, I promote plant-based food that has something for everyone, without frills and with a lot of love for food.